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How Does Our Process Work?

At Area Payee Services, the process is very simple. We ask you basic questions which take about 5 minutes. We then apply to the SSA office, tell them you're choosing us and sign an advance waiver to expedite the procedure. Once we are selected, we will sit down with you and work out a budget; it's that simple!

Not only do we offer you protection and extreme privacy with every move we make, but we strive to keep personal contact with our clients on a regular basis. We know all our clients by name and listen to all of your needs so that we can accommodate them to the best of our ability!  We also communicate with your landlord, bill collectors, social workers, SSA and DHS on your behalf.

What advantages do you get?

You and your account are protected with extreme privacy. Call us today!


The maximum fees are set by the SSA each year. As of January 1, 2017, SSA allowed $41.00 to be charged for fees. Area Payee Services will charge $38 as of 2017.

Our fees for these services