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Over 10 Years of Financial Service

Financial Advice & Management is a debt management oriented company providing services for people that are either financial disctressed or in need of an agency to manage their finances. Our services include:

You and your account are protected with extreme privacy.


We discuss your affairs to nobody without your permission and we will not divulge to anyone that you are a client of ours.

Protection you need

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Even though we have a large volume of clients, we still keep personal contact with our clients and are proud to say we know each client by name.  


We understand that your money matters and are very sensitive to the subject. We try hard to listen to your needs and accommodate them as much as we can!

Your money matters to us!



  • Financial consultation

  • Creditor negotiations

  • Settlements

  • Budgets

  • Collection and direct deposit of funds

  • Expense disbursements

  • Accounting Reports

In addition to these services the other side of our business is a non-profit Area Payee Service, which services the needs of Social Security beneficiaries payee representative, for people incapable of handling their benefits.